A Call to Action for Ukraine

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Location: Martin Media Center, 138 Corbett Family Hall (View on map )

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A Call to Action for Ukraine

Hackathon for Good

The Arrix Family Innovation Lab and the Notre Dame IDEA Center are hosting a unique technology competition to support Ukrainian refugees relocated to the U.S.

The IDEA Center continues its leadership role with the Migrant Impact Network (MIN) by assisting the USCCB in setting up Welcome Circles for Ukrainian refugees.  A Welcome Circle is a group of volunteers committed to helping support Ukrainian refugees. Unlike other refugees who come through the U.S. refugee resettlement program, Ukrainians are not assigned to local resettlement offices for assistance. This means that a Circle is meeting the family's immediate needs. Without your help, these families would have more difficulty making their homes in the U.S. The goal is to make Welcome Circle easier to set up and crowd-source with user-friendly technology.

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The first step to participate is to submit. 


You can review the problem statements by clicking this link


The Arrix Family Innovation Lab sponsors the prizes:

1st. Place: $500

2nd. Place: $300

Multiple prizes categories of $200 each


Date Time Description Location
Friday, April 14th 6:30 pm Kick-off meeting

Martin Media Center,

138 Corbett Family Hall

Saturday, April 15th 10:00 am Idea check-in
Saturday, April 15th 4:00 pm Progress check-in
Sunday, April 16th 1:00 pm Presentations*

*Teams may have an opportunity to present their solutions to William Canny, CEO of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), on Monday, April 17th (time TBD).

Food, snacks, and drinks will be provided. 


  1. How is this hackathon different from other competitions? A: This is a specific hackathon where students from across campus can help make code apps or U.I. prototypes using wireframes or figmas for some specially identified problems that Ukrainian refugees face.
  2. What are the identified problem areas? A: See identified problem areas.
  3. How have the refugee problem areas been identified? A: In the past few months, folks at N.D. have interviewed Ukrainian refugees to help identify problems and solutions in resettlement. 
  4. Can students participate even if they have not pre-registered? A: Yes, you can attend the event on Friday, and we can help you form teams and register.
  5. Can students use existing code? A: Students can bring already working projects or ideas and modify them to fit the identified problem areas for refugees. Students can also build things from scratch. They can also use what they have made for courses, other hackathons, etc.
  6. Is this only for coders? A: This hackathon is open to programmers and non-programmers. Your submission can be working code,  wireframes, or prototypes that help describe the proposed user interaction, design, and workflow. We can help you make wireframes using Figma or other tools.